Home Staging

Staging is a process where a property is being prepared for sale regardless of price and location.

Our Service Staging caters to a wide variety of clients, we understand that just as each client is unique, so is every property. No matter the size or scope of the project, we pride ourselves in completing it on time and on budget. By using our customized services, sellers can rest assure that their house will be market ready and show to its full potential.



Katie is a certified Home Stager and has a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from Concordia University. Art and Design is her passion and it is what she does best! The decision to become a Home Stager and Designer gave way to receiving an ROA from Seneca College. She is currently working with McCartney Real Estate and offers Home Staging and Design services to other outfits and individual home owners.


  • Staged homes sell faster than un staged homes (CSP Statistics)
  •  87% of home sellers said that staging made a difference in the sale of their property (CSP Statistics)
  • The average listing time of un staged property is 30.9 days versus 13.9 days for staged homes (CSP Statistics)
  • Staged properties sell at an average of 6.4% above list (CSP Statistics)
  • 98% of real estate agents believe it is necessary to hire a stager (CSP Statistics)
  • 63% of home buyers said they would pay more for a house that was move in ready (CSP Statistics)
  •  Of 2000 real estate agents surveyed, results indicate a 349% ROI (Return on Investment) on the staging investment (CSP Statistics)
  • 91% of buyers begin their home search on the internet. Your online photos are a buyer’s first impression (CSP Statistics)
  • 74% of buyers drive by a home before making an appointment (curb appeal!) (CSP Statistics)

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